Molecular Diagnostics Center

Molecular Diagnostics Center is a genetic testing center that provide personalized diagnostic service such as prediction for metastasis risk and companion diagnostics with GenesWell product.

Genetic Testing

  • Multigene Prognostic Test for early breast cancerRealtime RT-PCR based genetic test for early breast cancer patients with ER/PR+, HER2- and pN0/1
    Predict the risk of distant metastasis within 10 years as analyzing 9 genes related in breast cancer
  • Companion Diagnostic Test for lung cancer ddPCR based companion diagnostic test to detect EGFR mutations, one of the typical biomarker of lung cancer

Service Process

  • Patient
  • Hospital
  • Gencurix Molecular Diagnostics Center

Automatic Quantification System

Automated equipment

  • TPS Fully automated RNA/DNA extraction from 48 FFPE samples at a time
  • STARLET Automated dispensing system with accuracy and speed


  • resolve examiner uncertainty
  • Improve the test reliability
  • Perform multiple tests quickly and accurately