R&D Lobaratory

Gencurix R&D Center is performing ceaseless research activities to developing the ‘multiplex assay’ which is core technology for economy in expenditures, time and samples. We have accumulated research capabilities and experiences of entire development process of molecular diagnostic products.

Research Area

  • Early diagnosticsMeasures that can be taken to diagnose cancer as early as possible, when the disease is easiest to treat.
  • Prognostic DiagnosisAfter surgery, predict survival rate and chemotherapy benefit
  • Companion DiagnosisClassify patients who respond to targeted chemotherapy drugs

Core Ability

  1. 01Biomarker discovery and commercialization
  2. 02Development of ‘gene detection’ and‘multiplex assay’ based on various PCR technologies
  3. 03Development of algorithm
  4. 04Development of analysis software for result interpretation