Circulating Tumor Cell Isolator


CTCs(Circulating Tumor Cells) are cancer cells found in blood during metastasis. Being very rare, with one CTC per one billion hematopoietic cells, highly specific and sensitive technologies are imperative for their isolation. Geno CTC ver.3 allow high throughput and more accurate separation of CTCs from whole blood. Effective isolation of CTCs can be extensively used for personalized care through non-invasive liquid biopsy.

How it works

GenoCTC works on the principle of magnetoporesis and microfluidics. The EpCAM magnetic bead conjugate captures the EpCAM overexpressing CTCs from the peripheral blood. The laminar flow, and the magnetic wire pattern in the GenoChip allows the specific separation of only the magnetic bead bound cells from the blood.


  • Blood Sampling
  • Incubation with reagent
  • Loading to Genochip
  • Isolation using GenoCTC


  1. 01Whole Blood Sample: Directly use
  2. 02Performance: 92% separation rate, 94% detection rate, 85% Recovery rate, 82% purity
  3. 03Single-use System: Disposable cartridge
  4. 04Bubble Detection Sensor: Improve isolation rate