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CEO Message Share the future of
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Sangrae Cho CEO of Gencurix

Welcome to Gencurix!

Since its inception, Gencurix has continued to grow as a company, specializing in molecular diagnostics through active and ongoing R&D and product development.

As a result of our efforts to develop diagnostic technology for cancer patients, we have received approval from the Korean FDA to manufacture GenesWell BCT, which is a breast cancer prognosis diagnosis kit. We have also obtained approval of GenesWell ddEGFR for lung cancer as a companion diagnostics kit.

We are developing various diagnostic products to support personalized treatment. We are also conducting joint research and clinical development with global research institutes and hospitals to advance into the global market, as well as the domestic market, with differentiated and competitive products.

All of our employees will continue to lead the way in creating a healthy and happy world through innovative technology development and innovative molecular diagnostic products and services. We will not stop challenging ourselves and moving forward until we become a world class bio-healthcare company.

Thank you.