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Gencurix, Designated as Hi-Seoul brand enterprises

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“Hi-Seoul Brand Biz & Show” was held at the K Hotel on September 13, 2017.

The event was hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and sponsored by SBA.


Hi-Seoul Brand is a cooperative brand of excellent small enterprises in Seoul created by using “Hi-Seoul”, a publicity slogan of the city to enhance the product competitiveness of promising small enterprises in Seoul. It offers various benefits for excellent small and medium-sized businesses in Seoul.


The event was attended by a total of 600 people, including the existing Hi-Seoul brand companies and new companies. In addition, the event was held in a standing party format with various events such as ‘2017 Hi-Seoul Fashion Show’ and ‘Business Networking Party’, creating a free atmosphere.

Gencurix were newly selected to be appointed by the new Hi-Seoul Brand and participated in the award.


Hi Seoul Brand companies will be offered promotional programs such as corporate publicity video production and advertising support, and network program such as business concerts and regional branches, etc.